UFO Camo Undershit with Protections

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CAMO undershirt with Internal protections is made by collaboration with SIXS® and includes internal protections with patented tecnology of SAS-TEC and Koroyd Cores.
The configuration of Original Carbon Underwear® allows sweat to be truly taken away from the skin to the outside due to low density zones properly alternating with light pressure zones. This peculiarity ensures the athlete correct thermoregulation and optimum breathability under all conditions.
The low density zones are created by using carbon fiber that not only is extremely hard-wearing and ultralight, but also boasts an enormous thermal insulation capacity. Its fineness in the form of textile fiber, which makes it practically invisible to the human eye, creates those micro cavities that channel sweat to the outside so the skin is left dry. Dryarn®, polyamide fiber and polyurethane fiber, complete the blend and add essential characteristics such as: thermoregulation, water-repellency, bending and wear resistance, stretch and non-deformability.

- SAS TEC/Koroyd Internal protections on elbows and shoulders
- SAS TEC/Koroyd Internal back protection
- Front protection STF (SAS TEC Foam)
- Protections removable for washing
- Constant thermoregulation
- Maximum breathability
- Light as a feather
- Bacteriostatic
- Fast drying